If you're a Millennial you already know this...

You know that you are 29% of the Canadian population and 37% of our workforce.

You know that you are unlikely to have a full-time job until you are in your forties and a pension is a dream.  So, perhaps, is getting out of debt from school.

My question is, does church have anything to offer you?

My answer is, I hope so.  We'd like to welcome you, listen to you, especially if you fall into one of these two descriptions:

"I have tentatively crafted a meaningful narrative for my life that gives me a satisfying identity but there is a slight problem.  Some conflict, some tension, some ambiguity has arisen in my narrative, and I need a gospel-infused narrative to work through this ambiguity."

"I do not have a coherent narrative and I have no idea how to construct one.  In the meantime, though, I need to survive the day, work and/or school and nurture my relationships.  Can you provide something I can find for myself, a Christian framework and meaning for my random, episodic life?"

You are on a church website so I've used a little of our jargon; like gospel, which means good news, and Christian, which is just someone trying to figure out what it means to follow the teachings and way of Jesus.  But please know that all of us here at Forest Grove are working on our narratives together, and we're all at different chapters.  What we are about is writing our stories together and incorporating a larger story of belonging and restoration and compassion into and beyond our lives.

Check us out.  We'll even provide the pen and paper.