Last week the aircraft we were traveling on did something unexpected.  Just as we were about to land the pilot accelerated and turned to the right.  Now on an angle and flying away from the runway, it was not a good moment if you didn't understand what was happening.  Moments later he reduced the engine power and the plane was pushed by a high wind back onto course.  We landed safely.  The winds were strong enough that he admitted he'd had to choose between landing in Santa Fe or flying on to El Paso.

Jesus had a way of inviting people to see from a different perspective, one that didn't embrace the status quo and one that allowed people to consider other possibilities.  In his day there was an inevitability to gloom and oppression and being trapped in a life someone else laid out for you or worked to keep you in a perpetual state of anxiety so you didn't consider there might be more.

In the upcoming season of Advent we might choose to look beyond the obvious, consider a different way of looking at things.  That with a little skill and insight you can find your way in unfriendly winds.