Dear Mrs. Obama

Please forgive the intrusion of one of your northern neighbours, but I woke up this morning thinking about you and your family and what the election means to you.  First, please know that you and your husband have my undying respect.  And I have a slight sense of what service means to those of us called to attend to the needs of others.  I hesitate to ask this, but if there is anyone better qualified for what lies ahead I don’t know who it is.

I am guessing that you are looking forward to a less-stressful life starting next year, perhaps even something more anonymous and family-centred than the world has expected of you.  Yet I believe that your real task is about to begin.  Who else will have the credibility and the insight to stand up for your nation’s better angels?  We need you to point out the false walls which others have erected to keep  people in their place; the walls that declare that everyone is deserving of their lot in life, and that their aspirations end when they conflict with those of the self-righteous.  We will need your and your husband’s sense of justice and compassion to find ways to break down those walls.

You have risen above so much. We need you to ensure that civility and grace will rule when others are doing their utmost to drag each other down.  I’m sorry. I expect this task will burden you more than the last eight years.  But I believe that this is your calling, you are needed for such a time as this.  You will not be unsupported.  Even your Canadian neighbours will be praying for you.


(Rev.) Dr. Cameron Watts