Sometimes it feels like Lent started early

My stomach keeps sinking with the news coming out of the Whitehouse.  I can't bring myself to say the words "President" and

"Trump" in the same line.

I'm guessing, with others, that he is troubled by the energy that went into the Women's March, but believes that it will be like the Occupy Movement and vanish.  I am more concerned that he doesn't care.  Doesn't care about the women whose lives he is condemning by his withdrawal of finances for health clinics in the developing world, doesn't care about the environment as he gags the EPA and doesn't care about indigenous people as he reinstated the Dakota Access Pipeline today.

Here's my Lenten moment of feeling like we're in a threatened wilderness.  His actions will benefit some, but harm far more, and the far more are the more vulnerable.  And as their lives are harmed those of us who genuinely care about them will be left trying to pick up pieces, restore dignity, heal and mend the broken in the debris trail he and his supporters will leave behind.

I will continue to listen for voices crying in the wilderness, "Prepare the way of the Lord", and hope.  Today I just wish I knew what hope looked like.

And then I found this.