The Future of the United Church of Canada

That seems to be a grandiose title, but it is on my mind as someone new to the UCC who soon, I hope, will be admitted to the Order of Ministry.  And as someone who has been taking courses toward that admission, and who has been attending Presbytery meetings and been part of discussions about remits and the re-constituting of the UCC.

I know, you really don't want to read about a reflection on an institution.  Let's not.  Let's talk about a household.

The neighbourhood around Forest Grove United Church is being transformed by our new neighbours.  Folks who have lived here all their lives are moving out, folks from different parts of the world are buying those homes; renovating and in some cases demolishing them and building bigger homes.  Some of the "originals" find it a bit odd that the beautiful home they have lived in for so long isn't adequate for someone new.  Which is one of the concerns for the UCC.  What legacy are we leaving for the future?  How much do we expect people from different cultures, different generations, different understandings, who want to join us on our journey, to inhabit our household just the way it is?  Do we expect them to adapt to the houses our parents and grandparents built or can our subdivisions have more variety, more colour, different expressions of taste?  How do we keep a subdivision looking familiar and yet intriguing?  How do we make our homes more inviting?  Or, specifically to Forest Grove and the sign over the entrance, what does "A House of Prayer for All People" look like?

That's a question for you.  Share your answer with me and I'll share it later in April: