Dear Mr. Trudeau (mailed today)

24 May 2017

The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau

Prime Minister of Canada


Dear Mister Trudeau,

It is a great disappointment to us that you are delaying the action on climate change that you promised at the time of your election.  We understand that the government must take into account the economic concerns of various parts of our country, but climate change is too urgent an issue to be put further down the list. It is happening much faster than expected and already there has been too much delay. Pipelines and continued highly polluting harvesting of tar sands mean Canada will not be able to honour targets you helped set in the Paris Accord, where your leadership made us very proud. Tremendous advances have been made in the development of alternative energies and Canada should be much more proactive in this area, which we understand could provide at least as many jobs as oil production and transportation. A privileged country like Canada should be a leader in this field.

We still believe in your interest in and commitment to the environment, but long-term commitment is not good enough.  Steps need to be taken now before the opportunity is lost.  Please give us some reassurance that you have not lost your way in leading us to less dependency on fossil fuels and to halting climate change, and that you will significantly limit the development, harvesting and transportation of fossil fuels, including tar sands.


(signed by members of Forest Grove United Church)