This past Sunday, over our wraps and yogurt, we talked about the Psalms as poetry.  We noted Walter Brueggemann's approach of looking at Psalms of Orientation (when everything works the way it should), Disorientation (when things go very wrong) and New Orientation (when our experience speaks of confidence in the future after experiencing restoration).

We also wrote a little poetry, each of us adding a line to the following:

When God awakens each morning, and swings her feet over the side of the bed

and lifts the blinds on

a new


This is what she says when she opens

the window ...

Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day!

Oh my God.  It's an ostrich.

Please God give me strength/wisdom :)

Thank you for my many blessings

I think the garden needs some water, so I'll send a cloud or two, and a rainbow, just for you.

God, you've given us a beautiful earth, you water the soil, you feed and care for us, you are our hope!

We're at the end of your ...

You have created so many creatures to remind us of your love,

Another beautiful morning, thanks be to God.