Let me tell you about the chicken

Sunday past we watched the video clip from United Church General Conference of Paul Walfall posing the question of who belongs at the Table (see below, and the video is embedded in the August 2 post). In the video he asks whether he is a guest at the Table, a child, or an adult who not only gets to eat but prepare the food and plan the menu. If people are only invited guests, it is required of us to ACT—Acknowledge and Confront our racism, and have our attitudes Transformed. To help us understand, Paul asked if everyone in our churches was invited to plan the menu and cook their recipes as well as dine together.

To help us consider how we are treated and how we treat others, we invited everyone to bring their favourite family heritage chicken recipe, and a sample, and share both with each so we better could learn how to appreciate the contributions we all bring.

One woman brought the recipe her Indian mother taught her to cook so she would be able to look after herself when she left home. Another brought bbq drumsticks. Still another Shake’n’Bake. A vegan brought hummus. There were others.

It was all, in the words of Genesis, good.

So good that no one much noticed how we ran overtime. So good that one of our leaders is planning a congregational cookbook with the recipes and stories. Dedicated to Paul Walfall.

We didn’t all have a moment of enlightenment, but we all had an opportunity to learn the meaning of ACT: Acknowledge, Confront, Transform.