For Christmas Eve

You run out of words.

The clamour of the news silences us; life silences us. Or makes us babble because we try to understand “why?” Sometimes babbling helps and sometimes all we do is nonsense as we live with our notions and nothing changes us.

You run out of words to describe your pain, and an interminable silence settles on you.

Occasionally, you run out of words to describe the joy.

So what difference does one more baby, one more child make?

According to the story it made a group of shepherds run out with words. Something broke their interminable silences and gave them reason to celebrate.

How can a baby help? Because sometimes they make us crave silence. Or they demand our undivided attention, or we willingly give it to them.

Don’t romanticise the story with the no vacancy sign and the angels and shepherds. God was silenced, and could only get our attention with infant sounds.

Jesus was born into a noisy hectic troubled world. He got people’s attention, and taught them to dream big.

Dream of fairness and peace and even a life lived in God’s love.

Let the night silence you, and take away your words so you listen, listen for the dream of God.