The Next is Yet to Come

Fair warning, here are some of the themes I’ll be chasing over the next few months based on where the Spirit has been chasing me.

Of course Forest Grove’s 60th! We’ll be celebrating in many ways, including our Speaker’s Series on 120 years in the life of Toronto. See the tab above for more information. And over the year we’ll be looking at where we want the church to be in 60 years.

The City of Toronto is at a crucial point as it prepares its budget for 2019. Along with others, faith communities will be pressing for the inclusion of all our citizens, especially those disadvantaged.

I’m on my own journey of understanding our relationship with our brothers and sisters in our First Nations. Faith communities have a particular responsibility for the ongoing reconciliation piece of what we learned from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, as well as advocating for equity for all Canadians.

I’ve always had a door ajar to listen for possibilities for ministry with disabled persons. Some learning opportunities came up at the end of 2018 that I can’t ignore.

None of these things, or all of them may be on your list for 2019. That doesn’t matter so much as asking yourself the question: “Where is the Spirit chasing me?”