No Service Today

I hate to do this, but mobility is dangerous and the report from our roving journalist (and Custodian) Thupten Wangyal is that the parking lot is a sheet of ice.

Before you read anything else please take a moment and think of anyone who does not regularly access the internet and give them a call and let them know.

Feel free to email me today ( with your stories of "What I did this Sunday morning."  Include pictures if you wish.  I likely will post a picture of icicles hanging from the back of a Golden Retriever.  I'll even accept video of fireplaces.

At a benefit for the victims of the Red River flood in 1997, it was, I believe, Graham Greene who said "Every once in a while I turn to the Old Testament Story of Noah, to remind myself of how it ends."  Today, as you are, I hope, warm and safe at home, take a moment to remember that we are Noah's children, who read the signs of the times in order to see what God is doing, and to be ready to meet the challenges set before us.