Toronto is quiet today ...

. . . and numb. Yesterday's tragedy happened right on the doorstep of some of our members.  Yet the whole country feels the grief of the families.  Please pray for all of them.

There are a number of responses being planned by the multi-faith community of Toronto.  I'll keep you updated on what people have to say and what events/services are planned.

Here are some local opportunities:

1. Launched We Love Willowdale page on Facebook. The goal is to create a virtual community space where people can connect and be mobilized if necessary.

2. We will mark 24 hours after the tragedy with a moment of silence at 1:30pm at Olive Square where a memorial has been set up.

3.  We will have a vigil for the community where we will also prayer walk from Olive Square to Lee Lifeson Park.

4.  We are also trying to organize musicians to play at Olive Square at 1:30pm every day for the next 25 days.  Our hope is to "Turn our cries of sorrow into songs of healing."  A sign up sheet will be available shortly.