From Susie Henderson at Toronto Conference

Candle-Lighting Prayer for Toronto

Loving God, who meets us on the road, be with us now as we mourn.
Dwell with us as we grieve lives lost.
Ache with us, as we see the safety of the street and the beauty of a spring day marred by reckless violence.
Our hearts join with the families and friends of those who are grieving.
Our voices rise in resistance to violence directed at women and innocent pedestrians.
Our hands are raised in thanksgiving for all who ran toward the scene, the police officer who refused to escalate the violence, the first responders who provided care in the streets, the hospital personnel who endeavoured to save lives, the citizens who drew near and stepped up. 
May we continue to reach out and reclaim the street with acts of commemoration and care.
More than thoughts and prayers, may we pledge solidarity and support, emboldened by every loving act of kindness that stands as an act of resistance to fear and violence.
(A candle is lit)
God with us:
 May the light of this candle shine out the windows of this place and out of our hearts set against the darkness of despair. 
May we be living signs of witness to Divine love that draws us near and sends us out.
In the name of the God who is known as Love, may we walk this prayer out the door and stand with others in our communties to repair the world and restore the streets to live in.