Doubting the benefits

A feminist reading of theology and faith traditions requires the usage of what is called the hermeneutic of suspicion (first described by Paul Ricouer).  This means that what people say and do and suggest, whether written or aloud, be read through lenses that notice what is not said and what is contradictory. This includes how people interpret Scripture. When we study the Bible we "listen" for other voices, look for the nuances in accounts (for example, see the June 26th posting about Goliath being a child soldier). According to literary theorist Rita Felski, the hermeneutic of suspicion is "a distinctively modern style of interpretation that circumvents obvious or self-evident meanings in order to draw out less visible and less flattering truths..."

Last week I noted a willingness to give a new leader, in this case our newly-minted Premiere, the benefit of the doubt. Here's my take on the past few days.

The move to have people leading Hydro1 at a substantial cost reduction to those formerly in those positions may be a move to reducing electrical rates for all of us, and over time may be applauded.

However, so far his leadership has, in the name of efficiencies, aka saving money, already started to push back at people who are or could be marginalised. This is a less visible truth.

The Provincial School Curriculum has been affected.  Nothing will be written this year that helps children better understand our history as a complete people, including the indigenous citizens of our province.  The Sexual Education curriculum will revert to one that does not teach that non-heterosexual marriage is normal, and does not teach young women how to say "no" when they are asked for/pressured into a sexual encounter. 

Related to the above, $100 million has been removed from the budget that would have funded necessary repairs to schools in the Province.

The Provincial Anti-Racism Directorate is no longer a stand-alone entity.  It is now part of the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services. This beggars comprehension.

Our environment is about to warm up as the Premier looks for ways to take the Province out of both the Carbon Tax and Cap and Trade agreements (the legal bills for the latter change could end up costing the Province even more and it is going to be the People of Ontario who foot that bill).

I fear that this will be a recurring post, Doubting the Benefits II, III, etc.