Change One Person at a Time

I have been feeling the need to protest.  To sit with others at an entrance to Queen's Park and deny access to the government through the City of Toronto until they back off on trying to run the City for us.  We're perfectly capable and are tired of being governed by the whims of powerful individuals.  I suppose I'm even willing to be arrested.  While I won't take that off the table, there may be a better, long-term solution.
Talking with each other.
Without disdain nor judgement, just having a conversation about why certain things are important to us.  And coming to a consensus that works around the willfulness of politicians.
For example, a friend, committed to poverty-reduction in the City and who would not describe themselves as anything close to right-wing shared this story with me. 

I had a one hour cab ride with my Mom ( staunch republican-loves Trump and Ford) and a Bengladeshi cab driver-here in TO for 2 yrs now. Heard them both say very clearly that both don’t want large government and they don’t want the government spending their money!!!!…..they want all the money!!!.. and the Conservatives have promised them that …every one else wants to spend, spend, spend, their money  .. and they want to  make their own choices how to spend it ..thank you very much! 

They both told me about their charitable giving to their respective communities …substantial in both cases but little  of it was here in TO. Then I told them about the “realities” here in Toronto –our list! 1/5 children live in poverty, 101,000 on a social housing wait list, shelters over crowded, food bank numbers increasing, roads and street repair,   etc. and asked them how to fund that since I didn’t hear any of those in their own funding initiatives?

#1 They didn’t know Toronto’s reality….locked in their own lives….

#2 Both were willing to give 2-5% to children , seniors, housing, roads,  

So … it is about having serious conversations one on one and getting below the media hype of today’s world ...preaching to the converted doesn’t really help!

"Come, let us reason together." -Isaiah 1.18