To understand what is happening this Sunday it would be helpful to scroll down to the posting for August 2nd (go down to the bottom of this page and hit the “Older Posts” link and scroll a little farther down).

Watch the segment of video starting at 37:50, where Paul Walfall begins his reflection.

In his gentle, clear, firm way, he reminds us that we are called to acknowledge and confront racism within, and transform/be transformed. To do so we need to learn to listen to each other’s stories. Then we will receive the gift of looking through a different lens at the wonder of the Church.

He poses the question of who is at the Table and who is missing from the Table. Noting that if one comes as a guest then they have to accept what they are given. If the guest is treated as an adult and a responsible member of the family then not only do they get to eat but also to help prepare the meal and plan the menu. Valuing each other requires us to treat each other’s experience with respect, dignity. And he talks about chicken.

This Sunday we’ve asked people to bring a sample of their traditional family chicken recipe, to sample and to share the recipe and the story behind the recipe. To bring them as valued members of the family.