Some of what we learned from Dr. Roy Last Week

Here are some slides and information from his presentation.

Although it seems odd to say it, he was clear in saying that people don’t want to be homeless, and that finding them a home helps them to stability and healing.

In Toronto:

•there are 16,000 Unique visitors to shelters annually

•there is a 1.3% Housing vacancy rate

•It costs $942 Monthly rent for bachelor unit

•$479 Monthly ODSP shelter allowance

•99,993 Households on waiting list for social housing

•Total Shelter Occupancy (March 2018) is 6071 (It’s up to over 8,000 as of the first of this year)

The cost is ridiculous compared to providing adequate housing.

37% of homeless people in Toronto are regular visitors to our ER’s. The cost per day to care for them is $2700-$3100. Across the country the cost to the medical, jail and shelter system is $7.05 billion. The cost of supportive housing for one individual for a year is $13-18,000.