I live in hope (have I said that before?)

Social Planning Toronto has released their report: A City Left Behind: Poverty Reduction, Election Promises, and the 2019 Budget. It looks at how well city council is doing in making progress on its election promises on poverty reduction.

Just to remind you, in the lead up to the 2018 City of Toronto municipal election, Social Planning Toronto, Commitment to Community and Faith in the City (I'm a co-chair) invited candidates for mayor and city council to sign the Prosperity Pledge, an election promise to fully fund the 2015 Poverty Reduction Strategy and related council-approved equity strategies, and take some specific measurable actions on housing and homelessness, public transit, child care, and recreation. Almost three-quarters of the members of the new council, including Mayor Tory, signed the pledge.

The news isn't good.

Here’s the report.

The Toronto Star has published a piece on Election promises.

One estimate is that a $30/year property tax increase would underwrite some of the most significant of these actions. Tell your Councillor you'd be willing to pay that additional money.