What we could do

At the end of March I was at part one of a session at Faith in the City to talk about how to be better at making connections in our communities. Deborah Littman is leading us in an exploration of how established faith groups discover commonalities. In addition to the valuable insights (and I’m looking forward to part 2) of course my mind wanders to random possibilities within a faith community, like Forest Grove, things we could do.

Things like

Acknowledge that the way we run our institutions hasn’t changed with the community, because we (wrongly) assume that the community sees us as integral to it.

Take time to have one-to-one conversations to find out what people really need/want.

Start within the church, to get in some practice and to further develop our own sense of community, to learn what our folks would like for their church.

And, before that, find out what is going on in people’s lives by doing “rounds” or “check-in” at meetings to remind us of our care for each other.

Then look outside our windows.

This got me thinking about Forest Grove and the Forest south of the church on our property. There are maple trees there. How much fun would it be to tap them? Assuming that they're the right kind. I need to find an arborist. I said say “random.”