Edging beyond Lamentation

What is lamentable about these days? Pffft. Where do we start?

The church laments the declining relevance of its institution. People lament inexplicably vapid and racist political leadership. The world laments its hastening demise brought on by the human unwillingness to challenge our promulgation of the climate crisis.

We try to not lament, try to distract ourselves with arguments over picayune matters which generate heat but no light. We attempt to anaesthetise ourselves through immersion into consumerism. In the words of Wesley White, Our paths were illusion and we are well and truly lost, homeless. Our culture, our habits, our time constraints, our fear of its truth all keep the depth of this lamentation at bay.

Or, we engage.

Every last Saturday of the month, Pegida stages a racist, white supremacist rally on University Avenue. A growing group of people of faith have been attending to these rallies by standing across the street and bearing silent witness to the evil of racism and the joy of inclusion. I’ll have more to say in September, but you’re invited to join other people from faith communities at 2 pm this weekend at University and Armoury Streets. Bring sunscreen and water, bring a sign that speaks of inclusion, look for religious leaders standing together and stand with them.

September 20-27 the youth of our world are calling for a general strike to protest the lack of corporate and government action in dealing with the climate crisis. They are terrified of the future we are handing to them. The rest of us should be too. We’ve been invited to stand with them in September, to skip work, decide not to patronise businesses, go to one of the many rallies, demand action. Again, there will be more in this space about this call closer to the dates.

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