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DVRR Update:
Fatima and her husband Obada arrived from Lebanon on February 14,  2019.  They are originally from Syria.  Fatima’s parents and three brothers arrived three years ago under DVRR’s sponsorship and we have been working since then to reunite Fatima with her family.  
DVRR has secured a one bedroom apartment near Fatima’s parents and over the next year DVRR will assist Fatima and Obada with their resettlement in Toronto.

Airport Arrival toToronto

Airport Arrival toToronto

Don Valley Refugee Resettlers  

Forest Grove United Church is a member of the Don Valley Refugee Resettlers.  Since 1994, DVRR has resettled over 70 people in Toronto through 17 private sponsorships.  DVRR volunteers complete and file the sponsorship applications with overseas Canadian embassies and once the visas are granted, seek out a suitable apartment and furnish it to make the refugee family’s new home comfortable and welcoming. The family is met at the airport by DVRR volunteers and taken to their new home where their year under DVRR’s sponsorship wing begins.  DVRR supports the family’s financial needs, orientation to the community, banking, school registration, health care, etc. for a period of one year.  We strive to make their transition to Canada as smooth as possible and work hard to assist them in settling into the community.

Our refugee families have lived through horrific circumstances in their home countries, including civil war, armed conflict and violations of human rights.

Our most recent families include the Moussanour family of five originally from Eritrea and coming to us in 2014 from a very small village in Sudan.  Their new life in Toronto was a huge adjustment for them.  They had never used a bank or grocery store and spoke very little English.  They were accustomed to sleeping outside under the stars to escape the heat of their small home.  Despite these challenges, they have worked hard and are doing well.   The children are happy in school and have excellent English. 

In 2016, DVRR welcomed the Al Damook family of five from Syria.  English continues to be difficult for them, however, the father and one son have found part-time jobs and the mother and another son are at school.  Two other members of the Al Damook family arrive in February 2019 and DVRR is currently preparing for their arrival.

The Okube family of four, originally from Eritrea, arrived in March 2018.  After studying English for several months, the father successfully completed a forklift driver course and is currently working full time.  His wife is continuing her English studies but plans to enroll in a PSW course in a few months when their two children are attending elementary school.  They have welcomed DVRR members to their home several times to enjoy pot luck dinners in an effort to express their deep gratitude.

Forest Grove United Church continues to support DVRR through our annual honey and amaryllis fundraiser and Witches Brew.  We are grateful to the members and friends of Forest Grove for their ongoing support of and interest in DVRR.

Your donations of goods and money allow DVRR to continue its mission.  

We welcome new volunteers and if you would like further information, please contact Kathy Young 416-221-1778, youngkathy2010@gmail.com.