1.    Please download and fill out our rental form, or phone the Church Secretary to make your booking. DOWNLOAD HERE
2.    Scale A rate applies to business and government groups and to profit/ non-profits whose events/programs are able to recover rental costs through ticket sales or other cost-recovery methods. 
3.    Scale B rate applies to charities and community groups, which have budgets. 
4.    Scale C rate applies to self-help groups, other churches and individuals who are unable to recover the full cost. 
5.    Security deposit charge- $20/hour, will be levied for any group not known to the church.
6.    A deposit of half of the rental fee should be paid at the time of booking. 
7.    Rentals can be cancelled on a short notice in case of a funeral.
8.    Set up, and removal must be completed by the renter. 
9.    Set up time and removal time will be included in the rental duration.
10. Alcohol cannot be served anywhere in the building, unless a liquor license is obtained (Prior approval of rental committee is required).

Rates: (flat rate per 5 hour period)

Room             Scale A     Scale B     Scale C 

Sanctuary         500        300        200

Narthex             200           125        100

Hearth Rm.       250        200           100

Break-Out           75          50             35

If interested, please contact the office manager at



Our largest space, flexible seating/tables.


Medium sized meeting room.