Weddings and Baptisms


Community, Compassion, Church” are the words we use to describe ourselves. Together, we are followers of the Christian tradition, learn from the teachings of Jesus, and recognise each of us is on a spiritual journey that includes care for each other and our world.

The other “C” word we use is Covenant. This describes how we bind ourselves to each other for the sake of who we can be as individuals and as a community. It is a word that describes the promise we make to trust each other.

Covenant is expressed by at least two of the acts we offer to our own community and the broader community, baptism and marriage.

We offer to you the possibility of celebrating the trust you place in your partner for life here, in a wedding ceremony, and in the counsel we offer to you, if desired, to prepare for that life together.

Baptism includes a welcoming of a person, usually a child, into our community, as we covenant with a family to support them in the nurturing of a life.

We believe that both baptism and marriage enrich us as a community, which is why we are delighted to share in these celebrations. We hope you will want to share your delight and dreams for the future with us.

As the people of Forest Grove United Church, a house of prayer for all, we declare publicly our commitment to creating a compassionate community that embraces people of all of ages, genders, races, sexual orientations, gender identities, differing abilities, physical attributes, ethnic backgrounds or economic circumstances.

If you are in a relationship with different religious practices (or without religious practices), you are welcome here. We do expect that our minister and music director will perform the wedding or baptism unless there are exceptional circumstances. Details of the service will be decided on through shared discussion.

If you are interested in renting our church for your wedding ceremony and or reception please read through this form and be sure to check the Frequently asked questions (FAQ) on this form before booking an appointment to view our facilities.